100 Years Brand - Jaggery 500 gm


Jaggery (or gur) is made from unrefined sugar and is obtained by boiling raw, concentrated sugar cane juice till it solidifies.Eating a piece of Jaggery daily can help women combat PMS symptoms i..

100 Years Brand - Original Palm Jaggery - 400gm

₹185.00 ₹195.00

Palm Jaggery (karuppatti in Tamil/Thaati Bella in Kannada) is made from the extract of Palm Trees. The process of making jaggery from the plant sources, does not involve any chemical ag..

100 Years Brand Natural Chillu karupatti - Dry Ginger Palm Jaggery 400gm

₹195.00 ₹225.00

Karupatti( Palm Jaggery or Pana Vellam) is known as the natural sweetener and it is an Energy food.It is obtained as block forms.This is made from the extract of Palm tree that is from the sap of the ..

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